Yu Sheng good luck toss salad

Yu Sheng is an auspicious dish in Lunar New Year, especially in Singapore. These early spring days, right here in Hanoi, you can enjoy this traditional food symbolizing prosperity, wealth and good luck too!


Prosperity Fish Salad is a sophisticated preparation of 27 different delicious and fresh ingredients such as salmon, grated vegetables, sauces and condiments, each of them has a special meaning for the New Year. Salmon symbolizes prosperity for the whole year; five spices and pepper associated with the treasure; green radish stands for longevity; kumquat squeezed on the fish is a great blessing; white sesame wishes for success and plum sauce is for happiness.

Enjoy the salad

Yu Sheng is renowned for its symbol of well-wishes and abundance, and associated with “whipping up luck” by the act of tossing up the delicacy. The higher the toss, the greater the fortune and success it will bring. While mixing, people will toss the salad seven times, shout “Prosperity! More prosperity!” and send all the best wishes to each other for the New Year.

Yu Sheng Prosperity Toss is introduced at Fortuna Hotel from January 6th to February 8th 2020 with 3 options:

Happiness (2-3 persons) at 480,000 VND ++

Prosperity (4-6 persons) at 680,000 VND ++

Fortune (8-10 people) at 880,000 VND ++


For further information and reservation, please contact May Man Restaurant via email mayman@fortuna.vn, tel 024 3831 333, ext. 6260.



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