The quintessence of artisan mooncakes 2021

            Here comes August, followed by the enchanting moonlight that flutters everyone’s heart just thinking about how Mid-Autumn Festival is right around the corner. While children are eager to immerse themselves in the bustling atmosphere of lantern marches and lion dances, adults also look forward to the gathering moment that awakens their childhood memories.


            As the day is getting near, all conversations start to revolve around the tales of mooncake. Nonetheless, modern-day mooncakes with massive industrial production do not seem to satisfy customers with sophisticated taste buds. With 23 years of passion for Vietnamese culinary quintessence, we believe only traditional mooncakes could represent the perfect combination of culinary essence and artisan soul that no one can resist.


            Vietnamese are well-known for sophisticated dining habits, who prioritize the origin of ingredients as well as the balance between flavor and presentation. The mooncake itself is also a culinary harmony of precious agriculture products like lotus, red bean, pandan leaves, green tea… While the crust is thin, tender, and infused with aromatic golden syrup, the stuffings are compatible and complementary, all to create harmonious taste and eye-catching beauty for the mooncakes.


            Traditional mooncakes are shaped using wooden molds instead of plastic or industrial ones. Carved from the finest wood, these molds then meticulously sculpted by skillful carpenters from the Old Quarters. Not limited to the only attribute of exquisite flavor, an appetizing mooncake has to be appealing, unique, and even personalized. Chef Alex Zheng – a mooncake connoisseurs with more than 30-year experience from Fortuna Hotel Hanoi once said: “Shaping mooncakes using wooden molds is much more troublesome, therefore, it challenges bakers’ hand craftmanship. If a musician has to play an “authentic” instrument, a baker has to use an “authentic” mold. It’s called professional pride.”


            There are not many people left from the previous generation who truly appreciate and has sophisticated style enjoying traditional mooncakes. However, despite having discovered various culinary cultures, our young generation still chooses to embrace the historical value and traditional Vietnamese pastry. While nibbling on a piece of mooncake, set a moment to appreciate the dedication and enthusiasm that the expertise has put into their secret heirloom recipe. This Mid-Autumn Festival of 2021, Fortuna Hotel Hanoi is honored to present the “Artisan Mooncake Collection”, including 6 types of packaging: Four Treasures, Six Wealth, Seven Enchanting Stars, Delight Premium, Fortune Premium, and Prosperity Premium. We believe this will be an ideal gift for your family, friends, acquaintances, and business partners on this special occasion.


            For further information, please kindly contact Food & Beverage Department of Fortuna Hotel Hanoi.


            Hotline: 024.3831.3303 or 039.772.3333 (Whatsapp & Zalo)


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