Swimming Pool Promo – Summer 2021!

Let’s get ready for hot summer with your family at Fortuna Hotel Hanoi’s outdoor swimming pool! The large swimming pool with enormous areas for you to enjoy the sun, or order some snacks in an instant at our restaurant!

1 month VND 3,500,000

2 months

Get 1 month extra!

VND 7,000,000

3 months

Get 1 month extra!

VND 10,500,000

4 months

Get 2 months extra!

VND 14,000,000


For more information, please contact our fanpage Fortuna Hotel Hanoi or Hotline: 024.3831.3333 – Extension 6500. 

F1 Fitness Centre
Level 5, Fortuna Hotel Hanoi
No. 6B Lang Ha, Ba Dinh.


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