Auspisious Yu-Sheng in The Year of the Ox

Enjoy abundance throughout the year with incredible Yu-Sheng at Fortuna Hotel Hanoi!

The Origin

The Chinese Lunar New Year is an annual festival where many traditions culminate from exchanging gifts to the receiving of red packets and more. Still, as far as the Chinese New Year goes, the iconic Yu-Sheng toss remains at the helm of all things festive, especially in Singapore and Malaysia.

Yu-Sheng (鱼生), otherwise known as Lo-Hei (捞起) or prosperity toss, is something that Chinese communities have grown very fond of. What does it all mean? Yu and Sheng literally mean “fish” and “raw” in Mandarin, but are homonyms for “abundance” and “life”. It usually being eaten during Lo Hei, which translates into “toss” and “rise” in Cantonese. A vibrant centerpiece dish comprising various elements, each boasting its own unique flavor and meaning behind it, the Yu-Sheng is always the first order of business at any family gathering. Hence, it is believed that the higher you toss the salad, the more abundant and high-flying your fortunes will be.

The Meaning

Before the tossing begins, the dish needs to be prepared, usually by one individual who adds the ingredients one by one in a particular order, while reciting wishes of luck and prosperity at the same time. With the plate placed in the middle, friends and family members stand around the table to toss the ingredients whilst exchanging blessings and words of prosperity.

The star of the dish is the slices of raw salmon, which signifies abundance. It’s also what tends to make Yu-Sheng rather expensive. The other ingredients to complete this dish include sliced vegetables such as preserved cucumber strips, preserved melon strips, preserved leek strips, ginger strips, carrot, crispy crackers, sesame, peanut, dried mandarin skin, pepper, and plum sauce. These ingredients are combined and when eaten, add a little lime juice and peanut oil on top. Each ingredient also carries its own certain meanings to create this rich and varied dish. Lime juice means good luck and great prosperity. Pepper is the hope for wealth and treasures, adding oil means to progress things at a fast pace, carrots represent prosperity, cucumbers represent the wish for longevity, while sesame means success and the plum sauce will add sweetness to the dish, to hope for a year full of happiness.

Yu-Sheng is available at Fortuna Hotel Hanoi from January 26th to February 26th with 3 options:

Happiness (2-3 persons) at 480,000 VND ++,

Prosperity (4-6 persons) at 680,000 VND ++,

Fortune (8-10 people) at 880,000 VND ++.

For reservation, please contact May Man Restaurant by calling (024) 3831 3303 or email


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