Start your year of luck with Yu Sheng- Prosperity Toss

Boasting of the taste and color of spring, Yu Sheng, also known as the prosperity fish salad is prepared with 27 high quality ingredients including salmon and different types of vegetables, sauces and spices, each delivering a blessing for the New Year.


Yu Sheng was first prepared by 4 chefs in Singapore in 1964. Yu Sheng literally means “raw fish” but since it also sounds like “increase in abundance”, the dish has become a symbol of prosperity and longevity. Singaporeans, especially business men and travelers, love enjoying the dish as a way to start their new year full of success, good health and prosperity.

Main Ingredients

Lo Hei Yu Sheng has salmon, grated vegetables and signature spices. Each ingredients are:

  • Fish (Abundance)
  • Pomelo (Luck and progress)
  • Green radishes (longevity, eternal youth)
  • White rashes (Career promotions)
  • Deep fried flour crisp (Money flows like water)
  • Crushed peanut (Gold and silver)
  • Sesame (Prosperity)
  • Plum sauce (House covered by gold)
  • Five Spices (Five blessings)


How to enjoy

Lo Hei or prosperity toss is believed to bring luck and success. The pronunciation of “lo hei” also means more prosperity. To enjoy the dish, people stand around a round table with chopstick in hand. The host starts sprinkling spices such as white pepper, five spices and sesame onto the salad and tops it off with a sauce. The ingredients will then be tossed and mixed well. During the prosperity toss, people give blessings for the New Year. The higher the ingredients are tossed, the luckier and wealthier they will be. Well-mixed Yu Sheng means that prosperity and luck are shared equally by all diners.

Yu Sheng – Prosperity Toss is served at Fortuna Hotel from January 9th to February 11th with 3 options: Prosperity (for 2-3 guests), Great Fortune (for 4-6 guests) and Lisianthus (for 8-10 guests). Price ranges from VND 520,000++ to VND 980,000++.

For further information and reservation, please contact May Man Restaurant via number 04 3831 333, Ext. 6462.


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