Launching ceremony of Green Missions program

On October 1, 2019, in Hanoi, the launching ceremony of Green Missions sustainable development program was initiated by Fortuna Hotel Hanoi.

Environment, Social and Governance (Environmental, Social and Governance – ESG) is a term and concept first proposed in 2004, in the study “Who Cares Wins” (*) to unite investors and analysts in the research of tangibility and interaction between environmental, social and governance issues.

Up to now, ESG investment activities are estimated to exceed 20 trillion USD, equivalent to ¼ of all professionally managed assets in the world. Therefore, ESG is a very important criterion to evaluate the management ability, strategy and management quality of enterprises at the present time. ESG criteria include:

+ Environmental factors including: Resources management, fuel-saving, emissions reduction, plastic waste, limiting factors causing environmental pollution…

+ Social factors including: Labour safety, health, human rights, community development…

+ Governance factors including: Vision, development strategy and management effectiveness of the enterprise.

However, in reality, many businesses in Vietnam still have difficulty in implementing, conducting and managing ESG. This is not a small challenge, especially when the environmental effects are becoming evident in Vietnam, especially in big cities.

As a Vietnamese-Sing joint venture enterprise, Fortuna Hotel Hanoi has launched the Green Missions Program from October 1, 2019. The goal of Green Missions is to minimize environmental impact and build a green community. In addition, during more than 20 years of operation, Hanoi Fortuna Hotel has also actively participated in charitable activities, building schools, bridges and charity houses in remote communes and districts to improve the quality of life for people.

Mr. Roger Chng – General Director of Fortuna Hotel Hanoi shared: “The difference of Green Missions is the close connection of 3 factors: Environment, Social and Governance. This program is not only aimed at stand-alone environmental protection activities, but also goes deeper to consider the impact of these activities on personnel and corporate governance. For example, the Fortuna Hotel has replaced all disposable plastic bottles at conferences and seminars held here with glass cups with lids. Although the cost of glass will be larger, more labor-intensive to manage and partly affect the revenue and profit of the hotel, this is a sustainable and reasonable direction, consistent with the long-term development direction of the hotel.”

Along with these commitments are practical actions of Hanoi Fortuna Hotel, specifically:

  • Stop using disposable mineral water bottles in the meeting rooms, conference rooms
  • Switch from plastic ballpoint pen to pencil
  • Transfer bathroom toiletries from disposable plastic bottles to a large capacity plastic pitcher
  • Transfer all plastic straws to stainless steel straws
  • Stop using plastic stirrers
  • Stop using plastic bags for wrapping and making cakes
  • Minimize the use of disposable gloves


In the near future, Fortuna Hotel hopes not only to surpass the rigorous service standards of the hotel industry, but also to make new advances in ESG. In fact, many tourists today are actively seeking hotels and resorts committed to being responsible for the environment and the community. Therefore, Fortuna will implement practical action programs to protect the environment and replace it with more environment friendly products.

(*) Study “Who Cares Win” of the United Nations Global Compact, published in June 2004.


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