Green Saturday with Fortuna Hotel Hanoi


Follow many years of commitment to sustainability, last Saturday, Fortuna Hotel Hanoi continually took a green initiative against climate change, demonstrating that every individual counts in changing the course of a warming planet along with million individuals, organizations and governments across the globe.

Last Saturday, March 25, 2017, all lights at the hotel were switched off from 8:30PM to 9:30PM in order to support Earth Hour. We also encouraged in-house guests to switch off or dim all non-essential lights beyond just that one hour, to take small actions towards a more sustainable lifestyle. A signboard was also setup for guests to pledge to have a “greener” lifestyle.

In addition, further commitment to the environment was shown by a green drink namely Green Planet only served for this special occasion. Diners felt so engaged with dimmed lights above, candles on tables and Green Planet in hands.

Last but not least, another environmentally-friendly initiative was Tree Planting in Ba Vi National Park occurred in the morning the same day. Many Hoang Dan trees were planted on the ground by hotel’s staff. We had a very great time getting out of the office, doing green activities and understanding how a small step could bring us closer to the big change.

“At Fortuna Hotel Hanoi, we are committed to working towards a more sustainable future by preserving natural resources and minimizing our negative impact on the environment.” Mr. Albert Leong, General Manager of Fortuna Hotel Hanoi said. “Through initiatives like Earth Hour, we come to realize that personal small actions can be the powerful catalyst for a huge change.”


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