Fortuna Hanoi’s Legendary Mooncakes

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival with celestial gifts and heartfelt wishes

This blissful Mid-Autumn festival, the Fortuna Hanoi heralds the beauty of the full moon and celebrates joyous reunions with an exquisite collection of handcrafted mooncakes, available from 1st August to 14th September, 2016.

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The Mid-Autumn festival is a time for celebrations and gatherings when families and friends together contemplate the bright full moon and enjoy delicacy mooncakes with cosy teas. Truly understanding the meaning of the full moon season, Fortuna Hanoi will please discerning guests with the true taste of tradition perfectly blended in each and every luscious mooncake. With passion and flair, Head Chef Alex Zheng and dedicated team of chefs use only the finest ingredients to handcraft mooncakes and alluringly bake to perfection with the time-honoured classics. With four authentic flavours of lotus, green tea, taro and red bean, Fortuna Hanoi’s delectable mooncakes will definitely make the thoughtful gift of love and heartfelt wishes to families, friends and business associates.  All-time favourites include Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk, Four Happiness Assorted Mooncakes and Seven Enchanting Stars , Green Bean with Single Yolk and Pandan with Single Yolk, lovely fulfilling the luscious collection.

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Inspired by traditional red and gold representing auspicious nature of the festival, tastefully presented in an elegant box, Fortuna Hanoi’s decadent mooncakes will definitely win the hearts of all mooncake aficionados who adore the taste of tradition with a touch of finesse and prosperity. Along with classic favourites, the exclusive VIP editions, Prosperous Collection with Red Chilean Wine and Imperial Collection with Johnnie Walker Gold Bottle Limited Edition, are delightful treats for those who prefer a taste of luxury.

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Mid-Autumn treasures are available from 1st August to 14 th September, 2016 at Fortuna Hanoi. Guests can enjoy an early bird discount of 20% on purchase before 12th August, 2016 with the deposit of 30% total amount. Additionally, other discounts are available, please visit Fortuna Hanoi’s website and Facebook Page for detailed information.  

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To order, guests may visit the hotel lobby or email or call (04) 3831 3333, extension 6461.



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