Fortuna Hanoi Celebrates 2 Decades Of Success

Established in 1998 by Singapore Key Hospitality and Mr. Michael Chng, Fortuna Hanoi from one of the first foreign-owned independence hotel in Hanoi becomes THE BEST 4 STAR HOTEL IN VIETNAM, awarded by Vietnam Tourism Department. July 2018 marked the 20 years milestone of hotel success with many meaningful and thrilling activities.

The Bridge of Hope in Chim Van Commune, Bac Yen District, Son La

Fortuna Hotel Hanoi always pays a special attention to CSR activities with the aim of giving the less fortunate people in remote area a helping hand and bringing them a better life. During the past 20 years, the hotel have done many meaningful projects such as various charity drives to remotes areas and disables center, building a primary school in Na Tuom, Ha Giang. This year, constructing a bridge in Chim Van Commune, Bac Yen District, Son La Province is the first event in the series of celebrating 20 year anniversary activities.

On the 9th of July 2018, the “Bridge of Hope” built was inaugurated. The bridge serves 400 residences and 75 students who are living in poor condition, helping them easily crossing the stream during the flood season. After 7 months of planning and execution, the bridge was completed on schedule in the joy and happiness of the people here, open them a new chapter of life with knowledge and opportunities.

According to Mr. Albert Leong, General Manager of Fortuna Hotel Hanoi: “Our mission is to bring a professional and delicate service for the hotel guests, their pleasure are our happiness and honor. Thus, we want to share our happiness and give it back to the community by helping out whoever in need”.

This year charity project was initiated from the desire of building a bridge with decent condition for the tomorrow generation in Chim Van to have a better life and a better future.

Employee Appreciation Party

The following event in the series of celebrating 2 Decades of Success was the Employee Appreciation Party “M20” which was on 21st July 2018. This was not a special occasion to celebrate the hotel 20th anniversary but also an opportunity to connect all hotel team members together while enjoying thrilling activities and succulent dinner on offer.

The event was held at a prestigious venue to honor outstanding loyalful staffs that have had great distribution during the past 20 years. What made the event special was that all performances were prepared for months and performance by staffs from all departments. It was such a meaningful activity as hotel team members showed that they were not only conscientious hoteliers but also talented singers and dancers.

“The event was in recognition of the hard work, dedication and commitment of the employees. There is no doubt that a significant part of our success is our incredible Staff,” says Mr.Albert Leong.  “They are at the coalface, dealing with guests day in and day out and how they handle a situation or interact with a guest, can make or break the quality of the visitor experience.”

 Customer Appreciation Night

The Theme of “M20” was followed up in the next event of the series “Fortuna Hanoi-2 Decades of Success” – Customer Appreciation Party on 2nd August 2018.

It was a night to remember with excellent music and performances, sumptuous food and thrilling lucky draw. “The event was an opportunity for the Sales and Marketing team to thank their partners for their support and loyalty during the past 20 years as well as celebrating 20th birthday of Fortuna Hotel.

“We do appreciate the support from our partners. Our aim is to strengthen our relationships with our customer as they are the reason for Fortuna Hanoi’s success. We have been creating a steady co-operation for 20 years, we hope to have better one in the future. Together we grow we succeed.
“- Said Mr. Albert Leong, General Manager of Fortuna Hotel Hanoi.


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