Charity contribution to Thuy An Centre for Nurturing Old People and Disabled Children

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On 9th January, 2017 Fortuna Hanoi and Singapore Embassy visited Disable Children Center in Thuy An commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi. The Charity Drive is the annual event hosted by Singapore Embassy with the attendance of a great deal of Singaporeans who are living and working in Hanoi. Attending the event for the first time, Fortuna donated 500kg of rice with the hope bringing happiness and sufficiency to the underprivileged children.

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Thuy An Disable Center is the house the place to care, nurturing, orthopedic rehabilitation, education, vocational guidance for disabled children, especially the childen disabled children affected by dioxin (Agent Orange) – The victims of the wars in the past. Currently the center is raising 150 children with disabilities including from 20% – 30% of the children affected by Agent Orange. after infrastructure was built by government, Thuy An village received 289 people to take care, include 178 elders, 108 children from 3 to 15 years old (60 children with severe disabilities, the others have a slight malformation, a few are totally normal), 33 infants from 0 to 2 years old. Nowadays, 160 children were rehabilitation, 97 children had orthopedic surgery, 185 children attended school, with the result 100% children pass the grade exams, 73 students obtained the title of Excellent Students. Each year, the center trains for 63 students in technical informatics, tailoring and weaving wool. After finishing the course, all the students can make the product that meet demand of the market.



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